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Production moulds for denture teeth

WESTCAM Produktionsformen für ProthesenzähneThe engineering and manufacturing of our production moulds for denture teeth are individually adapted to our customers’ manufacturing
By using the latest technologies, you can obtain a continuous digital process chain that allows you to achieve high-precision production moulds in a minimum of time. These forms can be used directly in the production line and are destined for a long working life.

Our moulds produce teeth that are highly accurate with very little
moulding flash, requiring only minimal finishing. Reject rates are
low. The trained dental designers of WESTCAM can rapidly clean up and optimize existing tooth geometries as well as shape and adapt the various tooth layers.

WESTCAM Produktionsformen für ProthesenzähneWe are acutely aware of the fact that design and construction data are among the most valuable business secrets in the dental industry. Hence, we hold all customer information in strictest confidence and store all data safely.

If required, we can use the data to quickly produce exact copies of previously manufactured moulds.

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